Lyrics by Josef Gordon, Music by Robb Hutzal and Kellen Mills

Everybody needs a place to hide
Like in the desert when the sun is high

And I just gotta find some shade until the sunlight fades
So I can sleep this stress away

Now it's day forty-five and I'm
Still in the trenches, battle for my life
But I'm not giving up this fight, this is my battle cry
I'm gonna win tonight, choose to live and not die

My hope is in your promises
My faith that you'll do the thing you said

Flood it out relieve the drought/ And let your love un-cage me
Sky pour out relieve my doubt/ And let your love un-cage me
Not gonna be afraid of the wind and rain
Cause when the walls come down
Let your love un-cage me

Hold me up before I fall and faint
Give me something for these hunger pains
But I will not be fed, nor will I be misled
Only the words you've said will be my daily bread

My hope is in your providence
My faith, my only evidence

Gotta break away my spirit's dieing in the system
Do whatever it takes and I'll resist them
Counting down the days I've been pretending
Watching my life pass me by then

You found me rotting in this desert land and
You picked me up and took me by the hand and
You walked with me into the promised land now
Marching on we're pressing forward