By Josef Gordon, Robb Hutzal and Kellen Mills

I gotta make it through this night
I'm tired of fighting with the whole world
I'm all alone and it's a long way home
I'm alone and I'm a long lost soul

But the jury's out
They've been hours now deliberating
Right now I'm gonna find out
But before you speak please hear my plea

Girl I can't lie to you my innocence is gone, and no
No I can't promise you that I didn't do nothin wrong

Girl what's the verdict? Am I worth it?
Will you take me back again?
What's the verdict? I'm not perfect
But I'll do the best I can
Girl, what's the verdict?

I gotta make everything right
It's the beginning of a whole new life
And all I know is I gotta find my way home
Yeah all I know is you're my heart and soul

When I hear the gavel fall, and I know that all
I had was my word
And my promise to live this life for you
With this verdict may justice prevail