By Josef Gordon, Robb Hutzal and Kellen Mills VERSE 1 I gotta make it through this night I'm tired of fighting with the whole world I'm all alone and it's a long way home I'm alone and I'm a long...


Lyrics by Josef Gordon, Music by Robb Hutzal and Kellen Mills VERSE 1 Everybody needs a place to hide Like in the desert when the sun is high And I just gotta find some shade until the sunlight fades So...

FIND MY WAY By Josef Gordon

VERSE 1 The Struggle is the space and the time in my room still sittin cryin out why If I return to you it'd all be alright But this is where I need to be in my life CHORUS But...


Said a prayer
And all within a second felt the wind A single moment trapped in time
So easily forgotten mind Wonder when
When I started fighting the wind
I guess the darkest part of me
Just wants to lose again Falling down
Just to brake...